Boulder Turquoise Jewelry

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Mother Nature is Amazing! When you look at Boulder Turquoise Jewelry you can see the veins of Turquoise running through the host rock. The Boulder Turquoise Mine is located in northeast Nevada. It was discovered in 1970 by a Shoshone sheep herder. Production is small due to the remote location and winter weather. Boulder Turquoise is valued for both it’s beauty and rarity. Every stone is unique.

Native American Artists use this beautiful stone with Sterling Silver to create one of a kind pieces of Jewelry.  They look at shape of the stone and decide what would be the best use of the stone, a Bracelet, Earrings or Pendant. It takes a skilled silversmith to make this stunning jewelry.

Boulder Turquoise Jewelry

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  1. When I saw the ring I bought, I thought the host rock was beautiful, too. Turquoise and tan stone…perfect for my Hamilton watch with its tan leather watchband!

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