Zuni Indian Fetishes

Zuni Indian Fetishes

We are proud to offer a beautiful selection of Zuni Indian Fetishes. The Zuni have the reputation for being the most skillful at carving fetishes. Over 9,000 Zuni (who call themselves the Ashiwi) live on their reservation in western New Mexico. A Pueblo people, they speak a language unrelated to any other in the greater Southwest. The animal carvings we call fetishes are one element of a complex, interconnected religion. Fetishes are made from a variety of materials but their purpose remains the same: to assist man, that most vulnerable of all living creatures, in meeting the problems that face him during his life. Each fetish contains a living power, which, if treated properly and with veneration, will give its help to its owner. A fetish may be owned by an individual, clan, or religious society, or it may be regarded as the property of the entire tribe and its care entrusted to a responsible member of the group. Because the power of a fetish is regarded as a living thing it must be carefully tendered and ceremonially fed, usually with cornmeal.

The Zuni Universe is divided into six directions-North, East, South, West, Sky & Underground & each direction is represented by a specific animal- The Mountain Lion guards the north, the Bear guards the west, the Badger guards the south, the Eagle guards the sky, the Wolf guards the east & the Mole guards the inner Earth.
The Fetishes from the Zuni Indian fetish carvers are fun and exciting to collect. These Hand Carved Indian Fetishes are one of a kind Native American Southwestern Art Masterpieces.
Zuni Indian Fetishes

Authentic Native American Jewelry

Treasures of the Southwest is proud to support the Native American Artists that are members of the Indian Arts and Crafts Association.

The Indian Arts and Crafts Association was established in 1974 in response to the growing problem of misrepresentation of American Indian arts and crafts in the marketplace. The original founders were American Indian artists and reputable businesses located primarily in the Southwest. Today, IACA is an international organization representing every link in American Indian arts – Native artists from the U.S. and Canada, along with consumers, retailers, wholesalers, museums, government agencies, suppliers and supporting members.

IACA works to support the effective protection, ethical promotion of authentic Native American art and preservation of material culture has helped instill confidence in the consumer marketplace. Through its markets, educational publications, cultural programs, seminars and networking to enable artists’ work to reach a global market, IACA has played an integral role in the strengthening of the Indian arts and crafts industry. Consumers know that if they see the IACA logo, they can buy with confidence.

Buyers and collectors have learned to look for the IACA logo as a standard of authentic American Indian art. The IACA logo assures buyers and collectors of purchasing with confidence. The symbol is copy-righted and only members of the Association are allowed to use it. As a member, each artist and business agrees to honestly and ethically represent their merchandise and to abide by all state and federal laws.

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