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Welcome to Treasures of the Southwest. This is our first blog. Well, you got to start somewhere! Let me introduce myself. My name is Donna Bunnell. My husband of 43 years, Bob Bunnell, and I work together to bring you the finest Native American Jewelry. We travel the highways and byways of the American Southwest looking for the best jewelry we can find. We buy the jewelry we sell from Native American Artists from the Zuni Pueblo, Navajo Tribe and the Santo Domingo Pueblo.
Treasures of the Southwest


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  1. Hi my name is Patricia and I must say your web site is something to be very proud of, and I admire the history, you have definitely put time and allot of hours into it. I have recently started my own web site (not yet launched), I am looking for quality material to add to my site before I do so. My site is about crafts and the history behind each one if possible. I have researched many sites and non compare to the work you have done here. I have recently acquired my CDIB from the Choctaw Nation and proud of my heritage. I look forward to receiving updates from you. Thank you for your devotion and knowledge on this subject.

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