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Authentic Native American Jewelry made in the American Southwest by Navajo, Zuni & Santo Domingo Artists.

We offer the finest Native American Jewelry. Our Jewelry is hand picked from Navajo Jewelry, Zuni Jewelry and Santo Domingo Jewelry. The Turquoise used in our Jewelry is mined in the Southwest and created by the most skilled Native American Artists in New Mexico and Arizona. Most of our Turquoise Jewelry pieces are one of a kind original Native American Jewelry pieces. You will find that no two pieces of Turquoise Jewelry are exactly the same. You will receive a Certificate of Authenticity with your purchase of Authentic Native American Jewelry. Made in the USA. We are a proud member of the Indian Arts and Crafts Association. The IACA is a not-for-profit international organization that is concerned with promoting, protecting and preserving the handmade creations of the Native American Indian. The IACA symbol is the sign of authenticity, quality and integrity in Native American Arts and Crafts. Use of the IACA symbol assures buyers, customers and other interested persons that members adhere to the highest standards of the industry and that they can purchase authentic Native American arts and crafts with confidence.

The turquoise on our site is mined the the USA. You can view turquoise jewelry from the various mines here:
Number 8 Mine Turquoise Jewelry  
Sunnyside Turquoise Jewelry  
Boulder Turquoise Jewelry  
Crow Springs Turquoise Jewelry  
Manassa Turquoise Jewelry  
Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Jewelry  
Royston Turquoise Jewelry  
Castle Dome Turquoise Jewelry  
Turquoise Mountain Mine Turquoise Jewelry  
Pilot Mountain Mine Turquoise Jewelry  
White Buffalo Turquoise Jewelry

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Treasures of the Southwest

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